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Notable Sellers

Our bestselling formulas designed for deep nourishment, from skin to soul.

Brilliance Repair Treatment Facial Mask

Polish your skin with this timeless secret for restoring healthy-looking radiance
Rs. 5,400.00 | 75 g
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Brilliance Tonic Facial Serum

Nourishes and softens for instant radiance
Rs. 4,900.00 | 30 mL (1 fl oz)
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Moisture Repair Face Melt Creme

Heals dryness with deep nourishing moisture
Rs. 5,500.00 | 25 g (0.9 fl oz)
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Our Story

Organic & Plant-Based

We harness the power of
sustainably sourced, certified
organic plant extracts to achieve superior results naturally.

Cruelty Free Ingredients

All products are 100% vegan and every ingredient is made without the use of any animal ingredients and is never tested on animals.

Ethical Fair Trade

Our sourcing process is ethical from end-to-end. We champion social and environmental standards in our supply chain.

Additive-Free Formulas

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