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Our plant-based skincare harnesses the innate cellular wisdom of your skin to deliver powerful, uncompromised results—rooted in our search for the most effective, natural ways to heal, strengthen, and protect skin.


In Ayruvedic skin treatments, saffron is grouped under “Varnya Gana” a category of herbs revered for leaving a warm and glowing complexion on your skin. This ancient, royal spice has been used for centuries for its brightening, clearing and glow bestowing properties.


One of nature’s best kept secrets, Jojoba oil delivers long-lasting, deeply hydrating natural nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils to deeply nourish, hydrate and dramatically improve your complexion, without clogging your pores.


Known as a “wonder ingredient for the skin” babchi is a powerful skin healing herb central to many ancient Ayruvedic skin-care therapies. This potent oil boosts collagen promoting tissues, plumps the skin and reduces pigmentation.


From the Ayurvedics to modern Indian households, apricot kernel oil is a miraculous age-defying ingredient due to the potent essential nutrients that will elevate the texture, tone and complexion of your skin.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has long been used for traditional healing and contains powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds, speeding up the natural healing process of our skin and delivering clarifying, clam moisture, improving the overall appearance of skin health and tone.

Watermelon Seed

This light, fast absorbing and extremely nutritious oil is power packed with high concentrations of minerals designed to nourish and restore skin elasticity.


First discovered by the Andean Indians of Chile, rosehip oil contains exceptional healing properties designed to support skin texture and new cell growth that fight premature signs of aging and fine lines.

Black Cumin

This famous ancient spice is used in Ayurvedic therapies to help build agni - strength, power and resilience. Black cumin seed oil repairs and regenerates skin using its nourishing, soothing and hydrating properties.


Liberate your skin from the buildup of everyday impurities and pollution in the most relaxing way possible with the benefits of calendula. Calendula flowers have long been used in Ayurveda for their anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties that benefit the skin, including deep cleaning, hydration and brightening.


Chamomile encourages a healthy skin complexion as it’s packed full of vital nutrients for the rejuvenation of skin cells and tissues. Soothe skin stress and promote natural skin turn over to instantly reveal a smoother complexion.


This skin-friendly oil is both a fighter and a healer - packed full of antioxidant properties that fight free radicals and rich in vitamin C, reversing cellular damage, healing your complexion and leaving it plumper, brighter and more radiant.

Robusta Coffee

Ayurveda teaches us that all plants serve a purpose and the stimulating energy contained within coffee beans is no exception. Robusta coffee contains a much higher concentration of caffeine than other beans, boosting blood circulation, lowering fluid buildup, reducing swelling and brightening dark circles - all working in harmony to restore the look of eye contour.


Tamanu oil has been used medicinally for hundreds of years for its wound healing and skin regeneration properties. Tamanu oil promotes cell proliferation and is rich in antioxidants - fighting the damage of free radicals - and keeping the skin plump and hydrated.


In Ayurveda, grapeseed oil is recommended as a topical treatment for skin because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Enriched with Omega fatty acid and vitamin E, grapeseed oil works to minimize early signs of aging and protects the skin against free radicals and UV radiation.